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Welcome to the TUAS publication web store!

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) publishes new specialist knowledge from a variety of different fields. The publications include course materials, outcomes of diverse research and development projects as well as theses.

This web store is maintained and supported by Punamusta,
and it comprises all TUAS publications that are for sale.

Every TUAS publication, including all open access material,
can be found at http://loki.turkuamk.fi, where the majority
of the titles are available as PDF files free of charge.

Latest additions:

Innovative professional competences from multidisciplinary learning projects – Handbook for project hatchery tutors
An excursion to project hatcheries – Students’ experiences in multidisciplinary learning projects
Pedagogical Views on Innovation Competences and Entrepreneurship – Innovation Pedagogy and Other Approaches