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Course Material from Turku University of
Applied Sciences

Innovative professional competences from multidisciplinary learning projects – Handbook for project hatchery tutors

Editors:Sirpa Niittymäki & Ulla Seppälä-Kavén
Publication Year:2014
Publications:Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 93
Scope:80 pages

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The handbook presents a learning method developed by Turku University of Applied Sciences, implemented in the form of Project Hatchery work. The guide has been written on the basis of the authors’ practical experiences, and is intended for all students, teachers and other instructors who are interested in applying project work to their studies and work.

The book discusses applying the method in multidisciplinary student groups supervised by teacher and student tutors. The guide includes examples to illustrate the implementation of the method.

This publication has been translated from the original Finnish language version available at http://turkuamk.juvenesprint.fi/fi/604/t_2412