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Better Health via Research

Julkaisusarja:Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 156 
Laajuus:72 sivua 
Toimittajat:Marjale von Schantz & Kaija Lind 

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At Turku University of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Health Care has gathered its research, development and innovation activities under the RDI programme Expertise in Health Care and Medication. This collection presents some of the individual projects operating under the programme. The publication introduces examples from the programme’s main themes: health promotion, patient safety and operational preconditions in health care. Health promotion is concerned in three articles: one of them reviews it from school aged childrens’ perspective, the second by emphasizing multiprofessional cooperation in integrating master’s degree studies and RDI projects, and the third is an example of how to increase the consciousness of the importance of the nurses’ role internationally. As viewpoints for patient safety are management of health care-associated infection risks andnursing documentation. Empowering the professionalisation of nursing in new EU member states is an example of the fi nal theme of the programme. We hope that also our international partners can benefi t from this publication and fi nd some new possibilities for cooperation with Turku University of Applied Sciences and its Faculty of Health Care. The writers represent a variety of nursing sectors and have long professional experience in pedagogy and project management.