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An excursion to project hatcheries – Students’ experiences in multidisciplinary learning projects

Julkaisusarja:Reports from Turku university of applied sciences 202 
Kirjoittajat:Marjo Kumpula 
Laajuus:63 s 

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Developing teaching methods is a current challenge for universities of applied sciences. Heavy societal expectations have been set on higher education, as it is one of the national competitive factors also in terms of promoting innovation abilities. Learning innovativeness in higher education requires new methods and learning tools. Innovation pedagogy is a learning approach developed at Turku University of Applied Sciences. It entails new ways of adopting, producing and using information to create innovations. One of the methods introduced by innovation pedagogy is the multidisciplinary Project Hatcheries.

The publication is intended as a travel guide for teaching staff and students to Project Hatcheries. With the help of stories written by students, An Excursion to Project Hatcheries describes students’ views and experiences of this particular mode of study.

This publication has been translated from the original Finnish language version available at http://turkuamk.juvenesprint.fi/fi/601/t_2735