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Innovation Pedagogy - Preparing Higher Education Institutions for Future Challenges

Julkaisusarja:Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 115 
Kirjoittajat:Taru Konst & Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen 
Paino:Punamusta Oy 

15.00 €

n today’s dynamic world, the ways of working are constantly changing. Traditional educational approaches no longer lead to competences appreciated in the job market and necessary for creating and maintaining a sustainable future. Since innovations are needed in all fields, it is essential for educational institutions to understand how to organize and implement education in order to ensure graduates are provided with competences to innovate. Innovation competences – critical thinking, creativity, initiative, team work and networking – are prerequisites for innovations, and thus, for successful individuals, organizations and a sustainable society. The essential question is how to generate these competences during education. As a response to this need, this book introduces an approach called innovation pedagogy. More than a set of teaching and learning methods, innovation pedagogy is a strategic approach, providing solutions to, for example, educational institution-company cooperation, the integration of research and development activities with studies, enabling flexibility in curricula and renewing organizational structures in education. Innovation Pedagogy – Preparing Higher Education Institutions for Future Challenges is targeted especially at teachers, education developers, managers and administrators