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I as Me – Making of 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS

Julkaisusarja:Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 81 
Laajuus:171 s. 
Toimittajat:Ilona Tanskanen 

33.00 €

I as Me is a making-of detailing the project 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS, which was part of the official programme of Turku European Capital of Culture 2011. The project opened up a new outlook on self-portraits and autobiographical writing to all who are interested in making, studying or using art – especially for art students in higher education and those intrigued by the empowering aspects of art. The project was coordinated by the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

This book is based on the Finnish work Omakuva on jokaisen kuva (A Self-Portrait is a Portrait of Everyone, 2011), which was published as part of the 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS project. Some of the articles have been expanded, and also a lot of makingof material has been added, including interviews of the participants, artwork from the exhibitions, new workshop methods and other miscellaneous documentation.

In this book, workshop leaders, participants, artists and researchers discuss their own ways to view, access and create self-portraits as well as autobiographical writing. Additionally, I as Me contains a wide selection of self-portraits made in numerous workshops of the 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS project, creating a fascinating period piece. Self-Portrait is diverse and personal.

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