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Adoption of Eco-Efficiency in Strategic and Operational Management of Industrial Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Julkaisusarja:Research Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 33 
Kirjoittajat:Ilpo Penttinen 
Laajuus:194 sivua 

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Social corporate responsibility is a growing issue among big corporations. Acting in a responsible way and paying attention to environmental matters creates business opportunities also for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), which play an increasingly important role in economic growth, employment and local development.

All the while, the importance of sustainability and eco-efficiency is increasing as worry about the global environmental situation is rising. The text focuses on adoption of eco-efficiency into strategic and operational management in industrial SMEs as well as on improving their eco-efficiency. The results are hoped to guide companies towards eco-efficient practises and sustainable development, as eco-efficiency offers a chance for companies to recognize the environment and increase their business opportunities at the same time.

The author is experienced in quality and environmental management and he has written several articles about eco-efficiency. He works as a teacher and a project manager in environmental projects at Turku University of Applied Sciences. This work is his doctoral thesis.

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