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Applied Research and Professional Education – Proceedings from the first CARPE networking conference in Utrecht on 2–4 November 2011

Julkaisusarja:Research Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 36 
Laajuus:366 sivua 
Toimittajat:Juha Kettunen, Ursula Hyrkkänen & Anttoni Lehto (eds.) 

30.00 €

This collection is based on the first CARPE conference held in Utrecht on 2–4 November 2011. CARPE is a European strategic network aiming at joint applied research and development as well as pedagogical development in the fields of professional education. The current members of the network are HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Polytechnic University of Valencia and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, but the conference was also attended by staff members from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

More than a hundred papers were submitted for the conference, which deepened the collaboration between management, researchers, teachers and other staff. The conference also included the signing ceremony of the general cooperation agreement.

This publication is hoped to promote a wide range of joint research and development projects. With active participation in the projects funded by the European Union and other funding bodies, the future of the CARPE network will be fruitful, enabling the universities of applied sciences to increase the competitive advantage of Europe.